A Hello from Sheila & Michael

1 Day to Go – Down to the Wire!

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We are down to the wire! We had a banner week! 40 Hours to go!

We need to raise $1,000 per hour. Please send out the word with this link: http://igg.me/at/barneyfrankfilm

Why did we make this film? Because films make a difference. Because people need to know what public stewardship in a republic truly entails. Because Barney Frank is a glorious, cranky, flawed, majestic exemplar of a true public servant.  As one donor said yesterday,

·  I saw the value in Barney and I know the impact movies can have–so I gave.

And as one critic said of the film:

·  I discovered a new Barney Frank here. He is not only an activist but also a man of optimism. He has helped lead this country in civil rights and managed to continue to fight for what he felt to be right at a time when the political system cannot get things together.

Remember—this is not an all-or-nothing campaign—EVERY DOLLAR we raise will be used to complete the film.

Let’s ring that $1,000 bell together every hour.

Thank you.

Sheila & Mike

We’re Swinging for the Fences Together!

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We have a real treat for you today, prompted by a comment from a new donor (who was catching that day!):

  • I will always remember Barney striding over from first base in a staff/media softball game on Boston Common to take the ball out of Kevin White’s hand and send him to right field because he was not pitching up to Barney’s high standards. Just because we were playing the Boston media elite, John Harrington was their pitcher, and Kevin was the mayor – and the boss – was not reason enough for Barney to let him lose the game. Barney never played to lose – then or now.

Want to see just how serious Barney was about baseball? Watch him in the Gallery here.

Just 3 days left! Barney always played to win–and so must we.  Let’s finish this film together. As one supporter wrote:

  • Barney deserves our recognition and thanks for all he has done for both his constituents and America–protector of and fighter for the common (and exceptional) man & woman, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So PLEASE take a brief moment to forward this email to friends, family, co-workers…anyone you think would be interested. The more the better! Here’s the link to send them.  And if you’ve been waiting to give again, please do so now.


Thank you.
-Sheila & Mike

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