Please take 4 minutes to watch this piece - it is critically important and why we made the film. Please also take the time to read Mr. Rauch's Atlantic article. You will not regret it and our democracy will be better for it.

Rauch: "The biggest obstacle, I think, is the public's reflexive, unreasoning hostility to politicians and the process of politics. Neurotic hatred of the political class is the country's last universally acceptable form of bigotry. Because that problem is mental, not mechanical, it really is hard to remedy. . . .Populism, individualism, and a skeptical attitude toward politics are all healthy up to a point, but America has passed that point...Our most pressing political problem today is that the country abandoned the establishment, not the other way around."

The Atlantic's Jonathan Rauch talks about his new cover story "What's Ailing American Politics."

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